Landflix Odyssey’s Sneak Peeks and another great Kickstarter project Shout-out!

The following is a sneak peek of the history in the Elder Thrones world

As we’ve seen in Game of Thrones, also in Landflix Odyssey there will be a huge wall that divides the land of the undead from the civilized land. Larry will have to climb it like in the series to enter the castle of the King of the North, a clear reference to John Snow.
He then will have to help him setting free the castle from the undead, which have taken it over. As you can see, our pixel artist has made an incredibile work and she’s really enjoyed the time spent creating thousands and thousands of frozen pixels! 😉

By the way, we streamed live with Francesca De Vivo, Landflix Odyssey’s pixel artist, featuring her amazing work and making a Q&A session about pixel art. In case you missed it, you can watch it HERE.

Thank you for all your support!

Talk again soon,
Fantastico Studio Team

New graphics and gaming mechanics

Hello backers,

we’re working on brand new graphics and gameplay mechanics!!
Here’s an example of what we’re working on now.

Larry is riding a dragon together with a misterious woman (who could she be?).

During the course of the level the player will have to fend off harpies, crows and baloon bound bombs.

Like in any shoot ‘m up the dragon will be able to shoot at enemies with it’s fire balls.

Right now we’re deciding what kind of pattern we want our enemies to have. For example, we’re considering the possibility of adding fixed flying obstacles (e.g. flying rocks) like in Rayman.



>> Elder Thrones, Ep. 4

The gameplay will be a side scrolling shoot ‘m up.

The background will be GoT inspired. The player will be flying over the see separating the North and the South Kingdoms.

We were inspired by Got’s sons of the harpy to add actual harpies as enemies.

We also added Ice Blades inspired hazards, that’ll hurt the dragon.

Our CEO and lead developer, Daniele, has just started working on developing our shoot ‘m up level and we hope it’ll look just as great as we immagine it 🙂

Talk again soon!

Fantastico Studio Team


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First milestone achieved, 100 bakers!

Hello guys, as we aimed we reached a great milestone today! We just crossed over 100 backers and are currently 20% funded!

THANK YOU so much for your incredible TRUST and SUPPORT so far! You are AMAZING! <3

We’ve still got a long road ahead, so we don’t take our eyes off the ball and keep working to reach our goal: 100% funded!!!!

If you are a TV series addicted like us, discover this week Ranking of The Best New Shows On Netflix! The made it and included Landflix Odyssey among the other TV shows! 🙂 Are you curious to discover what they said about the game? Read the full article:

We’re proud to be considered an innovative idea – one the the best of the last years according to Everyeye (article in Italian: – and a very well grounded project too!

We have also got covered in English by The Gaming Ground in this great video news. Take a look!

Please keep spreading the word and sharing some Landflix Odyssey love all around! <3

Happy Sunday!

Fantastico Studio Team

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We added some new effects to the demo. Check it out!

Hello guys!

Today’s update is about two new effects our game developers are working on, one still work in progress and and one already implemented in the first 2 levels of Landflix Odyssey’s demo.

The first one is the distortion effect during the “burp at area”, Larry’s superpower, and during teleport from a dimension to another in Peculiar Stuff show. Here’s the video:


The other one are non-gameplay objects we have populated the background with, such as butterflies, fireflies, birds, torches, which you can notice thanks to the lighting effects that surround them. Try out the demo to find out them!

Please let us know in the comments if you have any other suggestion or special curiosity about the game dev!

About campaign’s results: we have almost reached 90 backers and we hope to surpass the first milestone of 100 by tomorrow!

So please keep spreading the word, share some #indiegame love with your friends! We really need your support to make this happen!

Thank you so much! Thank you also to other fellow game developers who have just started running their campaigns. We wish you best of luck, and we’re happy to keep supporting each other to reach our goals!!

We wish you a wonderful weekend!

Chat again soon!
Fantastico Studio Team

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Kickstarter update2. First 3 days on fire

Hello fellow gamers!

We have just surpassed 70 backers and the campaign is almost 20% funded. It has been only 3 days from the campaign’s start, so there’s still a long way to go! We’d like to stop for a moment and take this chance to say THANKS to all the backers, because you’ve allowed us to start this adventure on the right foot!

Please, if you’ve backed and you really want to help us, make it happen!

Click here ( It’s just 2 clicks away and helps us to spread the word to more people. And also when you speak today with your best friend (face-to-face, right!), tell him about Landflix Odyssey, the first Netflix’s parody videogame! If you have baked it maybe h/she will love this project and back it too, and if we all reached out to 1 friend each, we could double our backers!!

Meanwhile we keep working on the game, adding some special effects, but we’ll be talking about this tomorrow in more details!


Fantastico Studio Team

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Landflix Odyssey TV shows, beer and chill!

Come in and chill with us while we play with Landflix Odyssey!

We can talk about TV shows, discuss all references in the game, and share ideas with
a good and cold beer!

Fantastico Studio’s in the house.

Live Stream Friday, 2/9 at 17.30 CET

Share your love with Thunderclap!

Dear backers!
Thanks to you all we have started our campaign at full throttle! We are working hard to keep the development running and the hype on the game hight.

Today we’d like to invite you to share your love by helping us spreading the word about our Landflix Odyssey’s Kickstarter campaign. How? It’s very simple! We’re running a Thunderclap campaign on Facebook or Twitter and we’ve already reached 78% of overall goal to let it start. We need a little extra-boost in order to activate it. If we do, on the 23rd February each profile signed up will automatically post about Landflix Odyssey, creating a massive social boost all over the web! That will allow our campaign to get more exposure during its last run on Kickstarter.

It’s completely free and it takes only one-click to join. It’d mean so much to us, because it’ll be such a powerful tool to let everyone know about Landflix Odyssey and to help us to keep improving it to make it better and better till its release.

Thank you so much again for your support! You’re Fantastic!!

We’ll be back in touch very soon with new updates 😉 Bye

Kickstarter update1. Light effects

We’ve reached 12% of the overall Kickstarter goal on the first day! Thanks to the many backers who trusted us and our Landflix Odyssey so far! You are amazing! Please spread the word and keep supporting us 🙂

So let’s talk about some news about the game’s development now. Recently we’ve worked on the game’s lighting system.


For the light effects we used a particles shader with Multiply effect, applied on a Quad Mesh. The effect by itself was too bright, saturating the sprites colors, particularly the player’s. He had become a blonde guy!!

To mitigate this effect and highlight the contrast between the bright and dark zones we applied a grey sprite over all the scene. playing with the sprite’s (which now works as a filter) and the shader’s parameters we simulated a darker environment when the player travels in underground areas, and a brighter one when the player goes to a higher altitude. It’s a simple trick, but with a great visual impact that makes the whole game look more alive!

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Landflix live now on Kickstarter

We’re happy to announce that we have just launched the Kickstarter campaign for Landflix Odyssey!
Here is the link:

The DEMO of the game is now available to everyone on Indiexpo ( and on the campaign page.

The main objective of the campaign is to raise the necessary funds to cover the costs of the graphics, sounds and testing to publish Landflix Odyssey on Steam.
We hope to reach our second goal to publish on consoles (Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch) next September 2018, as obviously to reach more stretch goals that will allow us to bring the development of the game to the next level.

We keep our fingers crossed!

Stay tuned for latest updates here and on our social media channels to not miss any news!
We are also curious to hear your thoughts and feedbacks about the game demo, so please share them with us 🙂

Thank you so much!