Black Paradox

Reveal time!

Our Studio’s side team (Tea Manager Luca, The Mighty Carlo and Metalhead Simone) has been working on a new game, Black Paradox.

Black Paradox is a roguelike shoot ’em up game, and is traveling at the speed of light towards its release.

Year 5027, humanity has conquered all of the galaxy, but Earth’s government isn’t able to keep its many territories under control. Many space criminals rage freely and plunder any poor soul unlucky enough to get in their aims.

The only ones trying to maintain order are the bounty hunters, hunting down wanted criminals to cash in the bounty on their heads.

Black Paradox, the toughest hunter in the galaxy, finally decides to shut down the biggest family around, the Hellraisers, a group of warlords controlling many star systems, and to catch its six lieutenants and its leader, Quantum Black.

Will his vehicle, the Star Phoenix, equipped with experimental technology capable of controlling space and time be enough to fight off the Hellraiser’s whole army?

The game’s development has been going on for a while and is processing smoothly. We plan to release it later this year on Steam, Xbox One, Ps4 and Nintendo Switch.

We’d apreciate your help in spreading the word and sharing your feedback on the game.

You can find more info here!


Met(h)icolous job

Hi everyone! This last few days we’ve been working on Larry’s fourth power, the Blue Sky Meth!

But let’s go slowly and start from the beginning. Landflix Odyssey will feature some obstacles that Larry won’t normally be able to overcome with his usual skills. it looks like if he was “a bit faster” maybe he could have a chance at clearing them right?

So here’s the catch!

The Blue Sky Meth both slows down the world around you, and speeds up Larry’s movements. The effect has a time limit of course, and a long cooldown, but in exchange will let Larry surpass previously impossible obstacles, make some others easier, and can be used to take on enemies more easily.

The development wasn’t as easy as we tought, and our devs had to use Blue Skye meth themselves to speed up and finish the work in time 🙂

Also we really like the effect applied on the camera while under the meth’s effect. What do you guys think of this power?

Getting beaten by the ninjas!

These last few days we’ve been working on making our ninja enemies as Ninjaish as possible. We ended up with 3 types of ninja, each specialised in a different deadly combat style!

The first is the Shuriken ninja, a master of long range attacks. The second is an expert with the Bo Staff, who’s attack pattern relies on his ninjutsu to hit hard on his unaware target! The third and last one is a Katana master. His focus will be on speed, once ready he’ll release a really fast !Iai” to strike down his enemies!

Here’s the Bo Staff expert at work. Once his target is confirmed he’ll proceed to use his ninjutsu to disappear into thin air! The poor Larry won’t even be able to see the hit coming. Is there any way to defeat such an enemy?

Of course there is! By using his petrification powers Larry renders his enemy sneak attack useless and proceed to attack him when he has just reappeared and isn’t expecting an attack!

The Katana master is even more vicious! Once in “Iai” pose he’ll struck anything in his attack range! he really looks invincible!

Timing is even more important with this fast enemy. He’ll totally not expect a counter, no one has survived his attacks before after all!

The Shuriken ninja will unleash timed flurry of long range attacks at larry. The attack range and the short time between flurries will make it hard to use the petrification alone to beat this enemy.

But if paired with good dodging skills Larry will be able to petrify directly in front of his enemy, and strike as soon as he goes back to normal! So what do you guys think of this set of ninjas? Are they real ninja masters or do they need to go back to ninja school for some extra training?

Grappling Hook effect in Landflix Odyssey

These last few days we’ve been working on finally giving Larry his third power, the green belt! The green belt can be used in 2 ways. As a grappling hook (as shown in this gif) and to pull metal objects toward the player. We’re still in the process of refining the mechanic and its visual, but as it is now “working” we wanted to hear your opinion on it. What do you guys think?

New post Trippin’ in a fast food

Today we’ll be talking about Landflix’s 4th world 4th level. After fighting with the mexican cartel Larry goes to a fast food in search of the drug dealers controlling the cartel’s drug ring. When he gets there, he lets his guard down and the Fast Food Gang drugs him with LSD.

The whole level will be Larry trippin’ and flying in his own allucinations trying to snap out of it.

And when we say tripping… We really mean tripping.

The level, will be a shoot ’em up, just like the dragon ride in the Elder Thrones world. Here you can see the background we’ll use for the level. We hope you’ll like our idea! What do you guys think?


Bicycle escape in Peculiar Stuff’s woods

This week we’ve been working of developing a first version of Landflix’s 1st world second level. The level will have runner mechanics where Larry will have to ride a bicycle to escape the Army. Please note that the gifs are based on a level draft, that still need refining 🙂

Other than the classical jump that’s present in any runner, we gave Larry the abbility to charge and tackle enemies. this has 2 effects, to be able to defeat enemies and to crouch to pass under low obstacles. Also if you look attentivelly, the Army Hummer stops following the player every time a wall stops it in its track.

And when the road’s clear the Hummer jumps immediatelly back into action! Larry can also jump on enemies and use them to jump further than normal.

The level will present quite a bit of challenge. we don’t want to make it hardcore, but as every error can be fatal it definitelly won’t be easy either!

Jumping on enemies head and crouch-charging will be key to completing this level.

The Hummer jumping on top of the platform wasn’t planned, it was a mistake due to bad tile placing, but we loved the effect, so we are considering adding it to all the platforms.

Well….. this wasn’t supposed to happen… and this is why we said this is a first draft hahaha. The Hummer somersaulted and just didn’t give a flying fuck!!!

Also the player misteriously died to…. nothing? That’s programming wonders folks! So this is it for this week’d update, hear you next week 😉


Down under the mexican wall

So here’s the concept for our 4th world 2nd level. After escaping from the mexican cartel Larry gets inside a secret mine, that’s being used by them as a tunnel to cross under the wall separating Mexico and the US.

Escaping the mexican cartel with Walter Heisenberg

Hi Everyone! Our artists just finished the background for Landflix’s 4th world’s (Going Mad, a Breaking Bad parody world) 1st level.

The level is set in the Tohajiilee. Here Larry will be caught in a drug war between Heisenberg and the mexican cartel, and will have to flee with him on his camper. What do you think? do you like the level concept and/or the art? 🙂

Larry and Daeneris riding a dragon!

So, We’ve finished working on the mechanics for our Shoot ‘m up level, the fourth level in the Elder Thrones world. Just yesterday we added the big bat monster as we wanted to have a more challenging enemy in the cast.
So the enemies we have right now are from the right:
1) baloon with bomb. It’ll be a simple obstacle ;
2) flying crows. they’ll move along paths or charge directly at the player when he gets close;
3) purple harpy. the purple harpy will have mostly straight, charged or accellerated movements;
4) blue harpies are the one moving around a lot, making curves, coming from unexpected places and being a pain for the player;
5) the red harpy shootsmany kinf of bullets and often targets directly at the player;
6) The big bat will shoot big waves of bullets, he’ll be the Hell in “bullet hell”, also he’ll be pretty sturdy.

We’ve also started making a first draft of the level itself. In this gif you can see both blue and red harpies mechanics.

The player will also have to be carefull at arrows and ballista shots fired at him from below.

After collecting a beer you’ll be able to make the dragon he rides shoot a huge fire ray that will immediately kill any monster it hits.

Here’s an example of one of the cool attacks the big bats are capable of, of course this is just one of many examples.

So, how do you like the work on this level up to now? We’re still building the level and would love feedbacks on what seems cool and on what could be better. let us know.

Ninja gang headquarters (inside), the dojo

Continuation from other’s day log. The fifth level of Blindevil will be set inside the ninja gang (The Fingers) headquarter, the dojo.
As any ninja cove the dojo will be packed full of traps and ninjas ready to fight Larry. Also the level will be labyrinth like, forcing the player to use his cunning to explore the place.