Fantastico Studio is an independent game developer with a strong passion for old school video games. One of our strong points is the variety of our team: we have a retro game aficionado, a visual arts expert, a physic graduate with mad programming skills and an indie game hardcore player.

The team has been working together for a few years now and having produced and released many games to this point. Our main goal is to recreate that astonishment feeling that old games would give us when playing them as kids .

The studio was established in 2017 in Rome. We are:

Daniele Bianchini / Director

Andrea Valesini / Creative director

Federico Pauzano / Game designer

Luca De Simone / Programmer

Carlo Iurino / Programmer

Francesca De Vivo / Pixel artist

Andrea Guastadisegni / Sound designer

Contact us: info@fantasticostudio.it