Year 5027, humanity has conquered all of the galaxy, but Earth’s government isn’t able to keep its many territories under control. Many space criminals rage freely and plunder any poor soul unlucky enough to get in their aims.

The only one trying to maintain order are the bounty hunter “Black Paradox”, hunting down wanted criminals to cash in the bounty on their heads.

Black paradox is a side-scrolling old-school shoot’em up, that features stunning pixel art visuals and electronic music, blended in a synthwave retro-feeling that pays homage to the 80s’ imaginary shared by videogames, music and movies.

The game also features a complete co-op experience that makes it possible for a friend to join the battle right from the beginning.

It features 7 different stages with 7 pre-determined bosses, each with different attack patterns and behaviours that reflects their personalities and characterization in the dieselpunk/sci-fi aesthetic of the game.

The game’s planned to be released later this year on Steam, Xbox One, Ps4 and Nintendo Switch.

Are you ready to hunt some heads?

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