Ninja gang headquarters, the Docks

Today we’d like to talk you guys about the fourth level of Landflix’s third world, Blindevil. The level will be set in the city Docks. The Docks are where The Fingers, the ninja gang Larry is fighting hides its headquarters.


We are working at the third world of Landflix Odyssey, Blindevil

Hi Everyone, today we’d like to talk a bit about Landflix’s third world, Blindevil.
Blindevil is a Daredevil parody, added to the game to have an action packed world and to give Larry some marvelous powers.


Here are some concepts for the first level. The level will be a vertical scrolling platformer. Larry will have to climb a tall building avoiding many hazards and fighting enemies to get to the top.


The world’s initial ambientation will be inspired by NYC at night. Here’s one of the backgrounds we’ll use for the levels.


The second level will take place on top of the buildings. Daredevil style, Larry will have to leap through buildings and fight off gangsters. Use of his new skill, the magnetic green belt, will be key to this level.


Gangsters won’t be Larry’s only enemies, He’ll have to fight Ninjas too.

Here’s a gif of some enemies concepts.


The third level will be an arena like level. Larry will be riding an elevator while gangsters get on at every floor, trying to prevent him from reaching their boss at the top floor.



As Larry reaches the top floor he’ll have to fight Kingpink, the gangster’s boss while the elevator is rapidly falling to the ground.

We’d also like to give a small sneak peek of The world’s last boss. The evil Yubi, leader of a Ninja gang called The Fingers.

Meet Yubi, The Finger’s ninja boss

Blindevil’s final boss will be Yubi, a Ninja controlling an evil organization called “The Fingers”.
The boss will use many short range and some long range attacks.
The design is inspired by an old school villain, can you guys guess who?

The mighty Kingpink. Blindevil mid-boss battle

Today we’ll give you a sneak peek of another boss: Kingpink.
Kingpink will be the mid-boss in the Blindevil world and will be quite a tough fight. You’ll have to fight him while on a falling elevator, and will need your green belt power to be able to defeat him and get back the battery he has!

Blindevil (Daredevil) midboss level!

Today we show you a preview of the third level of the Daredevil world.
At the end of the level there will be the mid-boss.
Now we are working on the mechanics.​


Kickstarter fully funded!

Ciao a tutti! La nostra avventura Kickstarter è finita e abbiamo raggiunto l’obiettivo! GRAZIE AI 225 BACKERS E A TUTTI VOI per il supporto e l’incoraggiamento che ci avete dato! È solo grazie a questo se ce l’abbiamo fatta! Ora non vediamo l’ora di metterci a lavoro per portare Landflix Odyssey al livello successivo! Continueremo a migliorarlo e finiremo lo sviluppo e il testing entro autunno. Continuate a seguirci per favore! Vi terremo aggiornati su tutti i nostri canali. Grazie mille di nuovo! 🏆🎮🎉

Hello everyone! This Kickstarter adventure is over and we got fully funded! We want to THANK THE 225 BACKERS AND YOU ALL for the huge support and encouragement you have given to us! Thanks to your commitment, we made it! We’re looking forward to bringing Landflix Odyssey to the next level! We will continue to improve it and we’ll finish its development and testing by this fall. Keep following us! We’ll keep you updated on all our channels. Thanks to all of you again! 🏆🎮🎉

102% funded!

Landflix Odyssey è stato finanziato al 102%!!! GRAZIE A TUTTI!! Mancano ancora 3 ore, possiamo raggiungere il nostro primo Stretch Goal (€ 18k): un episodio speciale per ogni mondo + traduzione in 3 lingue (italiano, francese e spagnolo). Grazie ancora! 🤩🔝🍻…/landflix-odyssey/posts/2130902

Landflix Odyssey got 102% funded!!! THANK YOU!! We revealed our first Stretch Goal (€18k): a Special Episode for each world + Translation in 3 languages (IT, FR and ES). 3 hours left… Let’s make it happen! 🤩🔝🍻…/landflix-odyssey/posts/2130902


Blindevil (Daredevil) preview!

Today we show you a Blindevil’s world preview.

A city full of gangsters and gangs.

The Landflix Odyssey’s Kickstarter last 24 hours!
Help us to make it a reality!


The Lab!

Larry and Uncle Doc in the Lab level.

Uncle Doc is a really nice guy, but even him can’t pamper Larry and his demands sometimes.

The Landflix Odyssey’s Kickstarter last day!
Help us to make it a reality!


Preview of Peculiar Stuff new look!

Today I’ll show you a preview of the new look of Peculiar Stuff!
A new background and animated vegetation.
But we are not satisfied yet, we are already changing the new background!
In the meantime we are assembling the level of the Ice Castle of Elder Thrones, soon you will have a preview of this too.