Borneo: A Jungle Nightmare


About the Game

“Borneo: A Jungle Nightmare” is a 3D horror adventure game, with the direction and the original script by Ruggero Deodato.

It is the expected but never filmed sequel to the cult movie “Cannibal Holocaust”, developed in collaboration with Fantastico Studio.

The Story

A newspaper editor waits for a reporter to deliver a documentary about an expedition in Borneo to find the last cannibals. The man does not show up, but an envelope is delivered to his office. It contains a bloodstained videotape and a concise message:

“It is not the video you were expecting, but I think you will be satisfied anyway. Try to enjoy your last night.”

Who is threatening you?
What happened to the reporter?
And why do the members of the expedition seem to have mysteriously disappeared?

You only have one night to find the answers, relying solely on the information in the video.