Borneo: A Jungle Nightmare

About the Game

Borneo: A Jungle Nightmare is a 2D point and click graphic adventure in which we relive the terrible story of the characters returning from the expedition in Borneo.

The setting, made vivid and believable by the fantastic illustrations of the artist Solo Macello, is divided between Pierce’s studio in the United States, the virgin jungles of Borneo and other hidden locations.

The Story

We are at the end of the 90s. Pierce Mayer is the owner of Bloody Disgusting, a "shock site" that makes splatter film publishing its main activity. In front of him, in his Chicago studio, are Jessica Aschermann, his historical collaborator and Alessandro Urbani, an Italian video-reporter, visibly shaken up.

They have just returned from an expedition to Borneo that he financed, to retrieve from Josh Meyer, a friend of Alessandro's, a tape in which disgusting acts of cannibalism by a local tribe were filmed.

But not everything went as planned...