Cannibal Tales


About the Game

Horror thriller visual novel written by cult director Ruggero Deodato. A cannibal story in three episodes. Embark on a challenging journey, where every choice has a price and consequences. Will you be able to reach the end without getting your soul devoured? Dare to decide!

In the first Cannibal Tales episode, "The Interview", you play the role of a young and ambitious journalist determined to make a career. Your goal is to get a scoop that will allow you to become a partner in the newspaper you work for.
You focus on the mystery surrounding a young survivor of a metropolitan cannibal, determined to obtain an interview to unravel the connection between them and understand the reason behind his life being spared, unaware of the dangerous consequences that this choice will entail. During the interview, your morality will be put to the test as the line between good and evil grows increasingly blurred. Will you let yourself be consumed by selfishness and the pursuit of personal success, or will you do what is right?
Cannibal Tales is an engaging visual novel that will put you face-to-face with complex choices and the consequences of your actions.

Key Feature

- Explore a suspenseful storyline crafted by one of the masters of global horror.
- Interact with complex characters and uncover their darkest secrets.
- Experience multiple branching paths and discover different endings.
- Embark on a journey through a dark world where cinematic aesthetics merge with illustrative art.
- Enjoy a captivating original soundtrack inspired by the works of John Carpenter.