About the Game

Firework is a game that pays homage to titles like Megaman X and Cave Story, so it presents a classic platformer challenge along with sophisticated aerial movements.

The innovative mechanics can be found in the challenge given by the flames, which will slowly fill the Facility and it will therefore be our task to keep them at bay (since otherwise they will complicate the path to follow).
Leaving so many flames behind means burning the Facility, and if this should happen things would end up worse than expected (literally game mechanics that does not lead to game over but determines some events).

The game finally arrives on Nintendo Switch in a revisited version and enriched by the brilliant Co-Op mode, perfect to be played with JoyCon together with a friend.

Developed by Ivan Zanotti

The story

Yan is guarding a mysterious Facility and its small inhabitants, the Spheres. Yan knows very little about its origin, but what is clear are his Commandments: "Entertain them, Keep them safe, Keep them happy." So he is dedicated to safeguarding the Spheres, which reciprocate with affection and love.

One day the alarm sounds: the fire is attacking the structure, and with it raids its army led by Ignis, king of fire, and his generals Fove, Phos and Comburere.

This is how Yan's struggle began, to defend the beloved spheres from fire and prevent the entire Facility from collapsing, complicated by a series of encounters and unforeseen events that will test his determination to respect his commandments.