Milky Way Prince – The Vampire Star


About the Game

A visual novel about an abusive relationship, idealization, and intimacy. Live a summer of dysfunctional love through branching storylines, twists, sudden changes, and a special mechanic where you choose which senses to use with your boyfriend.

Milky Way Prince is a semi-autobiographical story entirely designed, programmed, illustrated, and scored by a young author, Lorenzo Redaelli. "During my experience with a borderline partner, I thought that falling in love with him was like becoming part of a binary star system. It’s the rarest, most precious thing in the universe – but the closer they get the more unstable they become." "My idea was to create an immersive experience where the player is asked to try to understand the dynamics of this unusual relationship. The character you interact with adapts their behavior to yours – using academic terminology, they could set up “rage tests”, “love bombing", or otherwise guilt trip you. The plot's branching storyline is guided by variables such as “submission” and "interest” that fluctuate at each interaction."

Developed by Lorenzo Redaelli / Eyeguys

Key feature

+Semi-autobiographical dark romance story
+Branching narrative paths with multiple endings
+Intimate new sensory gameplay system
+Character art inspired by Suehiro Maruo and Masaaki Yuasa
+3D environments influenced by the stage design of Robert Wilson
+30+ minutes of baroque electropop original soundtrack