Top Run


About the Game

Play as Kevin and his dog Buddy and make your way through the Neon city full of dangerous enemies on Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and Steam! Top Run is an endless runner. Also a platformer. Also a shooter. It's a unique take on endless runners in the style of 80's. Play as Kevin and his dog Buddy and make your way through the neon city full of dangerous enemies. The game has a unique old school style with neon, pixel art, a bit of outrun, tiny piece of synthwave, scanlines, VHS effects. What else anyone would want in a retro arcade game? Also If you love 1980s then you definitely love good music. Top Run has an amazing soundtrack from a great synthwave artist - Beckett.

Developed by Katata Games

Key feature

- Fast-paced gameplay with varied weird enemies
- Amazing synthwave soundtrack by Beckett
- 100+ missions, completing which unlocks cool stuff for Kevin's 80's room
- Tons of cool skins and references from 80s movies and 80s cartoons
- Run as far as you can and get the best score
- Use superpowers to survive epic battles while you run!
- Shoot floppies to kill enemies
- Collect pixels to upgrade your abilities and gain more power!
- Level up and customize your 80’s room
- In-game cheats
- Tons of explosions and fun
- Normal mode: fun, challenging and addictive but not the hardest game ever
- Hardcore mode: run, survive, test your reflexes (the way arcade is supposed to be played)
- Rage mode: what others call zen we call rage, let your inner anger out!